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Active Mcdonalds Voucher Code 1.99 (25. Apr 2024)

McDonalds Deals & Special Offers

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FREE Cheeseburger, Aprilo Chicken Or McFlurry Original

  1. Receive FREE Cheeseburger, Aprilo Chicken or McFlurry Original® when you buy any Extra Value or Wrap Meal and show your student or UNiDAYS® ID at McDonalds. Enjoy it!
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FREE McCafe Coffee W/ Loyalty Card

  1. Get FREE McCafe Coffee W/ Loyalty Card at McDonalds. Don't miss it!
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Wrap Of The Day For Just £1.99

  1. Get A Crispy Or Grilled Chicken Wrap With Bold Flavour For Just £1.99 At McDonalds. Buy Now!
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Fruit Bags From 49p With Happy Meal Orders

  1. McDonalds Offers Fruit Bags From 49p With Happy Meal Orders. Check It Out!
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McDelivery Now Available With Uber Eats

  1. Download The Uber Eats App To Get Food For All Those Late-Night, Early-Morning, Last-Minute Moments. Join Now!
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FREE Wifi at McDonald's

  1. Get FREE Wifi at McDonald's. Enjoy it!
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McDonald's 1.99 Voucher Overall Information

McDonald's 1.99 Voucher Free Delivery

There is no delivery cost for a single order delivered with McDelivery® when ordered using the My McDonald's app (the "Offer"). The McDonald's 1.99 voucher free delivery code is only valid when ordered using the My McDonald's app's 'Offers' area by clicking on the button explaining the Offer in that section and placing your order for McDelivery from a participating McDonald's location in the app before the expiry date and hour mentioned on your offer. McDonald's 1.99 voucher free delivery is subject to the operating hours of participating McDonald's restaurants.

McDonald's 1.99 voucher return policy

You can return food to McDonald's for a refund, however, the corporation would prefer that you swap your food items for a different item or a replacement of that item rather than just a refund.

McDonald's 1.99 voucher refund policy

McDonald's return policy is that the corporation will go out of its way to make you happy, including swapping the food for other goods. The corporation is prepared to repay you provided you provide a valid justification for the refund, but only if part of the food has been consumed. Nevertheless, because each franchisee can create its own return policy, the results may differ.

McDonald's 1.99 voucher contact information

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McDonald's 1.99 voucher FAQs

What is McDonald's 1.99 voucher?

With a simple McDonald's 1.99 voucher, McDonald's fans can obtain a giant mac for £1.99.

To redeem the McDonald's 1.99 voucher, hungry visitors merely need to fill out a quick survey feedback survey after a previous visit to the fast food chain.

Can I take Mcdonald's 1.99 Vouchers 2023?

Yes. Customers can take Mcdonald's 1.99 Vouchers 2023 to take discounts up to 40% OFF. At present, customers can get McDonald’s Wrap of the Day to get their favorite at  £1.99 or Leave a review after visiting the restaurant and order Bic Mac + Fries at £1.99. 

Are there active Mcdonald's 1.99 Vouchers Metro 2023?

Yes. Customers still have a chance to claim Mcdonald's 1.99 Vouchers Metro 2023 but the discount is not active all the time. Follow the website to update the latest promo code and deal of the store for Mcdonald's 1.99 Vouchers Metro. 

How to get Big Mac 1.99 code?

In order to get Big Mac 1.99 code, please leave a review after visiting the restaurant to claim a discount code for  Big Mac 1.99 code. 

Do I use £1.99 Big Mac and fries code?

Yes. You can use  £1.99 Big Mac and fries code as long as you check the expiration date of the voucher code before using it. 

Are Mcdonald's Vouchers 1.99 filet o-fish valid?

Yes. Mcdonald offers customers many chances to claim £1.99 vouchers including 1.99 filet o-fish. Open the App to start ordering and save better when shopping online. 

What is included in McDonald's 1.99 extra value meal?

McDonald's 1.99 extra value meal comprises of one:

  1. £1.99 Big Mac® and medium Fries; or
  2. £1.99 Quarter Pounder® with Cheese and medium Fries; or
  3. £1.99 McChicken® Sandwich and medium Fries; or
  4. £1.99 Filet-O-Fish® and medium Fries; or
  5. £1.99 Vegetable Deluxe and medium Fries

What are terms and conditions of McDonalds voucher code 1.99?

To be eligible to receive this McDonalds voucher code 1.99(an 'Eligible Customer'), you must:

  1. be 18 years old or over; and
  2. have downloaded, registered and signed-in via, the McDonald's app; and
  3. have this offer in the 'Offers' section of your McDonald's app.

Can I combine McDonald's 1.99 vouchers printable {year} with another McDonald's promotion?

This McDonald's 1.99 vouchers printable {year} is only valid once per eligible client. It cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. If you would like to look for another McDonald's voucher, have a look at McDonalds NHS Discount.

Can I get McDonalds big mac and fries 1.99 code?

Yes. McDonalds big mac and fries 1.99 code is one of the option you can choose in McDonald's 1.99 voucher. There are still other options for you so please take advantage of McDonald's 1.99 voucher to save better.

How can I receive McDonalds 1.99 vouchers code?

All you need is a previous McDonald's receipt from within the last 60 days. If you don't have an old receipt, you can buy an inexpensive item from the menu.

If you order from a self-service kiosk, remember to print your receipt.

A 12-digit number will be printed on your receipt, and you will need to access this McDonald's Food for Thought website to complete a brief survey about your previous trip.

Take note of the five-digit number that will be sent to you as your McDonald's 1.99 voucher.

Can I save with McDonald's 1.99 voucher online?

This five-digit code may be used at any McDonald's location to receive a Big Mac and fries for £1.99. Ordinarily, it costs about £5.29, so the lesser-known rewards deal saves you £3.30 - nearly half the price.

Is McDonald's 1.99 vouchers Metro active now?

Yes. You can score McDonald's 1.99 vouchers every time dining at McDonald's. Customers can enjoy a Big Mac and chips for £1.99. That's a Big Mac with fries for cheaper than most meal deals!

Can I purchase McDonalds fillet fish 1.99?

Yes. To buy McDonalds fillet fish 1.99, you just need to grab a McDonald's 1.99 voucher nad choose the last option. Hurry up to enjoy yummy meals with family and friends!

How to play £1.99 McDonalds Monopoly?

In £1.99 McDonalds Monopoly, guests are encouraged to collect bespoke game pieces that may be peeled off-menu items like chips, sandwiches, McFlurrys, and beverages.

These game pieces allow customers the opportunity to win an instant prize, which is generally free meals. Additionally, players may accumulate uncommon pieces of the same color (designed like streets on a real board) to win a greater reward - imagine electronics, vacations, and large sums of money.

Can I buy though McDonald's 1.99 voucher Drive Thru?

By dining in at a participating restaurant between 11:00 and 22:00, or while ordering at the drive-thru between 11:00 and 23:59, McDonald's 1.99 voucher on app is valid. This offer is only for mobile app orders.

Can you use McDonald's 1.99 meal voucher onbiber eats?

It’s Wrap of the Day promotion McDonald's 1.99 meal voucher for delivery customers! McDonald's wraps generally cost £3.49 or £4.99 when purchased as part of a meal, but a daily deal reduces the price of a separate wrap to a budget-friendly £1.99.

When can I get McDonald's 1.99 vouchers breakfast?

Every Monday, a fresh breakfast and lunch meal is available at an 80% discount. Customers should apply McDonald's 1.99 vouchers breakfast for instant savings!

What can you get with the 1.99 voucher in McDonald's?

The McDonald's 1.99 voucher is good for a Filet-o-Fish or Vegetable Deluxe, as well as a side salad beside McDonalds big mac and fries 1.99. For more choices, you can refer to McDonald's 1.99 voucher menu.

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Eating out is not as expensive as you think! Apply McDonald's 1.99 vouchers to get fantastic deals on your next purchase!